7k Service

Extend the lifetime of your vehicle and increase trade in value.

Our 7k service is the first step to ensuring that your vehicle is able to maintain it's top performance standards as you start to add mileage to it. We recommend that you service your vehicle every 7,000 miles to keep your engine in it's best possible shape. Our 7k service is designed to restore that wonderful feeling you had when you first drove your car off the lot! You and your vehicle deserve nothing less than the best, and our 7k service is the best.

So, what's included?

An oil and filter change, a complete test of all of your batteries, wipers, fluids, and more! Plus, your service includes a comprehensive vehicle inspection by certified and experienced technicians who specialize in German vehicles. Our 7k service includes BG's EPR and MOA products.

What are BG products?

We like to think of BG products as the shampoo and conditioner of the engine. We use BG products to clean out all of the harmful build up that collects over time in your engine. This build up effects performance as your car starts to gain mileage and age. BG products enhance engine performance and increase the longevity of your vehicle.

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